I'm based in Long Island City, New York, and photograph couples
throughout New England and the TriState area.


I love the gamut of natural emotions at weddings
and the spontaneous ways they arise.


Every wedding reflects its bride's and groom's individuality and choices

coming together to form a once-in-a-life-time experience.

Your wedding is a first for you and for me

because it's uniquely yours.

As much fun as I'll be having that day,

I take the responsibility couples honor me with quite seriously.


I start thinking about my approach to your day

the moment you contact me.

We get to know each other,

and you share your love story,

and I learn about your wedding day and what you truly care about.

This leads to a highly personalized, customized estimate

including options for you to consider as well as feedback

tailored to your exact wedding.


I bring all of my enthusiasm and humor to our first meeting,
and all of my creativity and joy to your wedding.


Click here to get this conversation started.

about me

I get up at 4 in the morning during the week and squeeze as much accomplishment into the day as possible so that when I pick up my son from school we can play. So yeah, I'll be early to your wedding.


To have and not need is better than to need and not have. Believing in this idea sometimes means I bring enough gear to shoot a feature film when I'm headed out for brunch with my family. Hey, we all have a thing.


Heaven for me is playing frisbee knee-deep in the ocean in the Summer and running through the woods down a hiking path in the Fall. Spring... there's nothing like those first traces of warmth. Winter... the first rule of Winter is do not talk about Winter.


I'm essentially the opposite of a dark, brooding and maniacally power-lusting person. That said, I've played Macbeth, so I remember what it's like being those things.


Favorite scenes in movies: the moment in A Room With a View when the young man is declaring his creed, "that" moment in Alien, when Emma Thompson loses it at the end of Sense and Sensibility, when the courageously compassionate captain refuses orders in A Thin Red Line.

about me

I’m not a fan of “about me” notes that read like marketing copy.


“When I’m not climbing mountains, racing my son at the beach, or making pinpoint accurate behind-the-back frisbee passes,
I’m gazing beyond the horizon and contemplating cosmic serendipity, romantic love, and my photographic aesthetics while sipping bespoke beer and humming postmodern jukebox melodies.”

That’s not me.


Maybe the most interesting things “about me” are those things that seem to other people to be paradoxes. Things like being a ferocious competitor, but also a genuinely good sport. Like loving with equal passion the movies A Room With a View and Blade Runner.
Like being a rugged individualist who loves feel-good community projects. Like approaching my work relentlessly but also with a relaxed, upbeat attitude. Uh oh… this is starting to sound like bullshit. It isn’t, but…


I’ll be honest with you. Weddings are hard work. Sometimes the soreness subsides by sunset on Sunday. Sometimes.


The gear is heavy. The tempo is often unreal. There’s always a curveball with the lighting.


I actually like these things (except for the gear weight), they keep me on my toes, challenge me creatively.


The payoff, the naked beauty of the human spirit that weddings make possible. I get this feeling when I’m with my family, dancing to Lego Movie music, uplifting, inspiring.


Everybody drives everybody crazy. Ask my son and he’ll tell you that he enjoys driving me crazy. It’s true.


When I think about people driving each other crazy enough to celebrate their mutual insanity,

I close my eyes and feel in my mind the epic smoothness of my camera’s shutter button.

what's the next step?

You will receive a personalized estimate after we meet and review your day.


I offer stand alone engagement sessions. If you're my wedding client, an engagement session is part of your wedding collection.

Most people are not used to having a camera on them and it gives you a chance to become relaxed with each other and me.
Your wedding day photography will thank you for it.


Some couples are looking for full day wedding coverage with all of the photography delivered as high resolution images on a USB drive.

Some couples want beautiful professional lab prints and an enlargement or two for their walls.

Some couples want some combination of the above, and also an album.
Your wedding is uniquely your own, and I'm happy to tailor my approach to your wedding accordingly!


Some wedding day logistics, such as the bride and groom getting ready far away from one another or a schedule with overlapping couples
portraiture and cocktail hour, require a second photographer because I can only be in one place at a time.
An awesome second photographer is available should your wedding require it.


Gorgeous 10"x10" archival photo albums and press books are custom designed can be added to your collection.

starting at $900We love City Hall weddings
and intimate ceremonies
Coverage begins at 3 hours
starting at $4500Full day coverage
Two photographers
Archival Photo Album
High Resolution Images on USB
starting at $400Botanic Garden, Date in the City,
Sculpture Park
Coverage begins at 1.5 hours

Carolyn + Adam

The photos captured the emotions we felt: happiness, connectedness to our

family and friends, confidence, pride, excitement, seriousness, and generosity, to name a few.

Adam helped to capture all of the big and little moments from that day, so that we could come

away with an almost play-by-play documentation of the evening. Adam took beautifully posed

photos as well as candids, that provided a thoughtful balance to the work. We appreciate the creativity of many of the shots, particularly the feeling of movement created. Adam's got a great sense of humor and clearly loves working with couples, families and children.

We appreciate how he touched our lives on this important day.

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Adam W. Cohen Photography

Serving New York, New England and Beyond

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